Sentel Advance provides high-reliability embedded computers and specialised software for advanced digital signage and informaton display systems, such as Airport FIDS, Hotel TV channels, banking and retail, etc.

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ePC 19" rack mount

Sentel offers a complete solution for advanced digital signage, information display and video processing, from the most advanced computer graphics displays in 3D to custom television channels for hotels and banks, etc.

Sentel´s flagship software product, Midas ViewPoint™, is unique in its ability to control complex screen displays from real-time data or events without using scripts, and further its comprehensive data filtering capabilities, considerably simplifying system set-up and reliability, even for large networked installations.

ViewPoint systems can be found at public facilities, airports, railways, banks, factories, libraries, hospitals, medical centers, sports centers, and shopping centers,  providing information display and automated digital TV generation and playback. System users have advanced real-time monitoring and automated reporting via email and SMS messaging. In fact, ViewPoint can be found anywhere people need dependable access to information and audio-visual content.

The Technology and Resources  

Providing a high-reliability computer platform for ViewPoint, the ePC™ media computer uses the latest technology to provide enhanced performance and reliability with reduced costs.

At Sentel, product development includes digital and analog electronics, electro-mechanical, mechanical and real-time software.  Software engineering is focused on the development of high reliability applications based on our extensive library of proven code.

Software developed by the company includes standard packages, such as Midas ViewPoint™, a professional media and information display application for Windows XP, 2000, CE and JAVA platforms.

ViewPoint offers a host platform for information, media and web playback, with in-built authoring tool and run-time application.  This package allows sophisticated information and media systems to be developed extremely quickly - it was used to develop and operate the Heathrow Express, many BAA airports, and again recently Turin airport's public information display systems and corporate TV channels for well known banks since 1996.

Sentel offers support services that include facility design, both mechanical and aesthetic, with preproduction 3D modeling, graphics design, display-screen layout, and av media processing, including MPEG1, 2, 3 and 4 encoding.  Software engineering services are available to add specialized features to support new applications.

System Integrators can obtain volume licensing terms for Sentel's software products at low cost per system.  Sentel can also add custom code for specific projects.

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2U rack mount ePC e-media system

Powerful enough for any task, and small enough to be fitted within monitors, kiosks and even plasma panels, MVP e-media systems provide a ready-to-go solution.

ePC e-media systems are available in industrial rack-mount, set-top boxes or desktop style cases. Based on the highest quality components, ePCe-media systems provide a reliable platform with a level of performance far beyond normal expectations.


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Copyright 1985-2009 Sentel Advance  Sentel Advance offers reliable, flexible and extendible Information Display Systems, using multilingual text, mimic graphics, animation and video for a wide range of applications, including industrial and scientific process monitoring and control, transportation, Flight Information Display Systems (FIDS), Video-on-demand (VOD), Video Monitoring Systems, Industrial PLC Graphics and Mimic display systems, Industrial Control Systems, Airport Information Systems, Bioinformatics, Hotel Display Systems, Advertising Display Systems, Plasma Displays, Colour  Monitors, embedded systems, Linux or Windows based Systems, and any other form of information processing and display system for almost any application. The company manufactures a range of industrial PC-based computer systems for mission-critical, 24x7, multimedia and information system applications.